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Meaning: UGLY

1(a)displeasing to the senses
Type: 'adj.all'
Usage: 'an ugly face'
Usage: 'ugly furniture'
2(s)inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace
Type: 'adj.all'
Usage: 'a surly waiter'
Usage: 'an ugly frame of mind'
Synonym: surly,
3(s)morally reprehensible
Type: 'adj.all'
Usage: 'would do something as despicable as murder'
Usage: 'ugly crimes'
Usage: 'the vile development of slavery appalled them'
Usage: 'a slimy little liar'
Synonym: despicable, slimy, unworthy, vile, worthless, wretched,
4(s)provoking horror
Type: 'adj.all'
Usage: 'an atrocious automobile accident'
Usage: 'a frightful crime of decapitation'
Usage: 'an alarming, even horrifying, picture'
Usage: 'war is beyond all words horrible'
Usage: 'an ugly wound'
Synonym: atrocious, frightful, horrible, horrifying,

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